About us

Board meets board A group of people in The Netherlands, active in the bio-energy field and/or formerly involved in the activities of FACT, decided to save the intellectual heritage and knowledge generated by the Foundation FACT, that was established by late prof. Kees (C.) Daey Ouwens in 2005. Due to insufficiënt financial resources FACT had to close down in 2014.



Therefore the group has created a new foundation, Bioenergy Forum FACT (BFF) to make sure that the knowledge that has been generated by FACT will remain available in the public domain for practitioners and researchers in the field.
Relevant new documents will be uploaded, coming from various sources, focused on developing countries, rural communities, small scale/low tech or in any case applicable in the context of the country


Moreover, we want to create a forum where practitioners, researchers, policymakers and other stakeholders can meet to exchange information.


The board consist presently out of 6 members. A short introduction of each member is given in the sub menu on the left side on this page under "board".