End report FACT pilot project “Jatropha oil for local development in Mozambique” 2007-2010

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jatropha mozambique

This report is the End-report of the project Jatropha oil for local development in Mozambique, which was executed from January 2007 until December 2010. It was written by Flemming Nielsen, Bananahil & Jan de Jongh, FACT-Arrakis, with contributions from Henderson Maposa ADPP, Jacob Zulu ADPP, Erik Schurmann ADPP, Niels Ansø Dajolka, Christian Fenger GAIAMovement,
Krishna Raghavan Arrakis. It narrates the results achieved compared to the
activities planned, the lessons learned from it and recommendations for future activities after the project end. It is the own internal view of the executors of the project, while an external view of the project is given in the Evaluation report of Annie Sugrue. All relevant reports made in the course of the project have been placed on a special project website: https://sites.google.com/site/mozambiquejatropha/

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