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Welcome to the Foundation Bioenergy Forum FACT (BFF)

ALERT!!!                                  ALERT!!!                          

This website will be closed soon!!

The individual reports can still be obtained from the following BFF Board members:

Dr. Janske van Eijck: jansveijck@gmail.com

Dr. Flemming Nielsen: fnielsen@bananahill.net

Jan de Jongh M.Sc.: info@arrakis.nl

Please send a mail to one of the above persons and ask for which subjects you need more information. Hopefully we can provide one or more reports.
All research and knowledge is made available for free without restrictions.


Our goal is to act as knowledge base, to facilitate  the sustainable use of biofuels in developing countries in situations where biofuels have advantages over other energy sources or supplement them to the benefit of the local population.

We focus on local production, processing and consumption of biofuel to support local development. This implies small to medium scale technology adapted to local contexts.





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