Jan de Jongh


With a background in technology (M.Sc. from Delft University of Technology) Jan de Jongh became a development worker with more than 25 years of experience in over 25 countries worldwide in the fields of renewable energy and water. He is also owner of ARRAKIS (www.arrakis.nl). In the field of biofuels he was the main editor of the ” FACT Jatropha Handbook ”, 2010 and was co-author of the book ” Jatropha for local development, after the hype”, Nielsen at all, Hivos, 2013. His view is that development can only take place when everyone gets access to all existing and in future generated knowledge. The valuable knowledge generated by FACT in the field of bio-fuels for rural development should therefore stay in the public domain for those who need it. Therefore he wholeheartedly supports the initiative of this new Foundation: Bioenergy Forum FACT.